1st day of work...whooo

So yeah, this one is going to be a bit short, since I forgot my camera today and I was meaning to take pictures of my workplace...and I forgot. Dammit.

Anyways...my school is a secondary school that has 267 students. The numbers fluctuate because this being the hub of Hudson Bay Inuit, they can come from all over and stay or go to another village. It happens like that everywhere, but I guess we notice it here because it's so small. I also will be working alongside, but not really crossing paths with the rest of the staff. We're like the Ninjas and dark horses stuck together, kind of thing.

That's the nature of the beast. I'm kind of like "Whoah!" and "This should be interesting" in regards to the work itself. We are still setting up and I am still working on my schedule kind of thing. Supplies still haven't come in and it's touch and go. *shrugs* Something will be worked out. I am not going crazy about the situation. No sense in stressing over what I cannot control, kind of thing.

I also will have a change in schedule because I am going to be the Academic Adviser for the Nunavik Youth Development Hockey Program. As one of my friends said "Who knew your obsession with hockey would be an asset?" I had to laugh, because it is sort of true. As to what it is:

The NYDHP for short, is a program set up by an Ex-NHL player named Joe Juneau to keep the kids motivated and going to school and being alive. Just like anywhere else, kids need that kind of stuff. I am going to be in charge of promoting the program, keeping the teachers informed when the kids go away and filing reports as well as playing floor hockey, because I am crap on ice. As long as I can do those things, I will be good. I am hoping too, that in the excitement, girls will come and be motivated to go for the regional team and compete and get to know other girls from other villages. There are, I think, four levels: Pee-wee, Atom, Bantam and Midget, so I would be promoting it for the kids in mid elementary to the ones almost finishing HS.

I really wanted to do this and I was afraid I was going to have to fight a man to get the position, but it was approved that I should run it. I am going back to Kuujjuaq for training on Sept 10-12 and I am excited about it.

That's it for this one. I promise pics for tomorrow.

PS-The wind is insane! My house is shaking with the force of it! Whoah! The Bay is still scarily beautiful. Grey-green today.


  1. Sounds like things are moving along. The hockey part sounds really cool to me...I'll be excited to follow how things go with that. Yay for hockey!

  2. And I am actually old enough to know who JOe Juneau is! That is exciting Helen. Especially since they did give the program to a woman. I am so happy to hear that qualifications won over mere gender. Good luck!


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