Day one in actual classroom

I woke up pretty nervous, because I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to the students. Most of them seemed all right on Friday, but it was literally hello and good-bye.

Today was the real test and it was just that. A test.

I get why the boundaries have to be tested and why I was asked if I was going to leave or give up or give an exact time when I was leaving. I swear that I will do an M.A. in psychology if I decide to quit teaching and go to grad school just to figure out why people act the way that they do when they are in an empty room. I had to clear out so many things because it was ridiculous. I have to have it all locked up, even pencils, because they can find ways to do stuff with them that I didn't even think of when I was a kid.

I think my favourite "WTF?" moment was when they couldn't pronounce my name and started calling me Hedley Shaw (Some tried Hitler, but I wasn't having any of that) and that was close to the end of the class. Which in retrospect was sort of painful for all of us, since we spent it all together working on Maths and French and English rather than being in the kitchen. But we got through it okay. It was pretty similar to my first teaching year in the Scheff, so it's kind of like a welcome in a way.

I was told to expect it to last for a month or two. Makes sense. I am just glad that they did manage to finish the dream catchers that we set out to do and the hemp bracelets and they didn't ask me anything too weird.

And now I need a nap.


  1. Oh wow...sounds exhausting! Hang in there, and I hope things improve some everyday.


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