The Kitchen...actually was a good surprise

Today actually gave me a bit of a breather after being with them for almost ALL DAY. I didn't have them till the afternoon and they behaved well enough to take to the kitchen. They did the work and actually were quiet and I didn't feel like I was chasing people all over the place to behave. (Well, I had the few sneaking out, but not to much like yesterday) and they did all their work fairly well.

The cookies weren't quite as good because they just threw stuff into the bowl and hoped that it would turn out well...but it was a start. They actually have been very well trained in regards to getting into the kitchen and being clean and not picking their noses and putting their hands in the batter.

(That actually is a bit off-putting to me, since they just go right in there despite me literally staring at them in the face, kind of thing. The girls and the boys do it. It is starting to gross me out a bit and I gotta remember to get there early tomorrow so that I can put toilet paper in there and have the janitor clean up a bit there.)

They are very excited about making pizza tomorrow and I'm all for letting them go to town with the process. I don't think any of us want to repeat the painful process of working on sheets and me chasing people up and down an empty classroom.

I am tired and for a bit it felt like I was chasing them up and down and all over the place...but I got complimented on the fact that I wasn't freaking out or crying and I stuck to my guns in regards of discipline. (I'm famous for the "If you can't keep it at home, I will give it and you a vacation" solution)Honestly, it's a pain in the ass chasing down people and enforcing the draconian rule of law...but in the end, it's worth it once you get a rapport established. I keep getting asked how I feel about the kids and how I'm feeling a hell of a lot.

Honestly: I'm exhausted, but I don't know if it's because of the rain that has been consistently coming down lately, the used to being at work again or the kids themselves. I swear that we could have built an ark today, what with the downpour we are having at the moment. It's usual for this time of the year, but the humidity bloody sucks! I hate having to go through the trouble of straightening my hair and then having it curl up despite me wearing a hoodie.

The kids-I've seen the personalities before and they seem like leetle kids to me. It was actually a bit more scary dealing with the kids in the other place, since they were bigger than me and had a whole different attitude altogether. These guys seem a bit more mellow. Although the being sniffed is getting a bit weird. One of the girls actually sniffed my hoodie, which weirded me out just a tad. I was glad I was wearing perfume though. 

So I am just wary and cautious when it comes to the situation. I also am grateful that I am listening and applying what I learned before in this area.

Need another nap. Rain always makes me sleepy.


  1. Ewww...on the nose picking thing. That would be so gross. I'm sorry about that, because that's hard to deal with. Blech.

    Sniffing? Do more than one of them do that?

    Good on ya for sticking to your displine guns!


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