Last Free Time Day in the Pov

We start work tomorrow, so yesterday and today were the days were I was basically wandering around town and doing some research. I am that much of a nerd, I will freely admit it.

Anyways. This is sort of going to be the town post, really. I got to see more of it yesterday and it was an interesting experience.See, the town is actually sort of spread out and long, not huddled together like other small towns. Puvirnituq, to my surprise, functions as a secondary capital for the Hudson Bay towns. They are fiercely independent and were one of the few towns that disagreed when the Inuit were entering in agreements with the governments.The more I discover about this place, the more I am amused that I ended up here, to tell the truth.

Anyways, the houses are all prefabs and range from a one story to a two story duplex type that is prefab. They are also built on stilts because of the permafrost melting and shifting them around. There's no way to build a basement in a house like that. Not to mention getting plumbing. So that's basically why we have to get water and sewage pumped out of the houses almost every day.That could be the reason why today, with the high winds off the Hudson's Bay, the house that is mine is shaking something awful. It has been raining and cold and cloudy today. Yesterday was rainy and humid and not at all pleasant. It is wet today, but cold. Very cold. The water in the Hudson's is grey blue and I can understand how it could be treacherous to sail or boat or swim in the waters here.

The place is stark. It's rocks and scrubs and those purple flowers and aqpik berries and hardy grass. The coastline is dark blue or a gun metal grey in the cloudy days and a deep, deep blue green when it is sunny. When it rains, you get utterly soaked, even if you are walking for a few minutes. Happened to me today and I think I will give up straightening my hair in the moisture. Doesn't pay.

It's beautiful over here. It really is, but it is a deadly and grim beauty. It seems like the bones of the earth are really close to the surface here and that the land tolerates your presence, but it won't help you thrive. In fact, it will do it's best to kill you. That's the feeling I get from being here, that it's a mutual respect thing, survival here. And that's it's a very eternally primal place. I don't and can't really see it being overtaken like other remote areas. It's just...too stark for it.

I think that is what will save it in the end, to tell the truth.

Anyways, I saw the ship outside the harbour and it floored me, since it only arrives like once or twice a year. I am assuming that the Bay will be covered in ice and that will make it nigh on impossible to get in here. So yeah, I think the first one arrives in April and the last one in August. Makes sense.

Oh and the people are friendly, which is throwing me for a loop. Most everyone has said hello, from small children to elders and I have been welcomed quite a bit. I even get the nods from the Honda drivers. It's totally not what I am used to, I can tell you that. I have already been mistaken for a dude because I was wearing a cap in a futile attempt to keep my hair dry and I have had Inktitut spoken at me. I have further proof that I can blend amongst the indigenous populations of the entire world now. I am going to learn some when I get the chance, because it could come in handy. 

Also, the North is just...quirky in it's ways. For example: yesterday, I got woken up by the previous occupant wanting his remote box or something. When he leaves, I notice my doorknob lying in pieces in my entry area. I still haven't a clue as to how that happened. At first, we thought it was some random kids with screwdrivers running around being mischievious...until the other guy that was here to change the deadbolt put the doorknob back in and I realized that the only way it could have been unscrewed was from the inside. And I had all the deadbolts in place, so it was already loose to begin with, or that guy fiddled with it when I was half-asleep and screwed it up. Either way...weird.

Anyways, that's all for now. I did take some town pics and some of the bay to get exactly how spartan the place is without trees. And of my house. Cheers all!

Esther-The midnight sun thing is in June. I saw the sun set yesterday at like ten, so we are moving away from that. As for the vitamin D...multivitamins. Heh! Glad you are enjoying it!

Ladyofseoul- Thanks! I will need it! Good luck to you also!

Puvirnituq and My house <-Link to my pics. Enjoy.


  1. Sounds very interesting. I hope things go well with your first day on the job!


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