Out on the land

Ah! The weekend. I love you. Seriously. I need the batteries recharged, because I know that I need to be on top of my game for awhile yet. I don't get to sit down unless I am on a lunch break or when I finally get home. (Well, if I don't get distracted by the lure of the Co-Op. Yes, I love those giant warehouse like stores. They hold weird wonders...which reminds me...I need to get that popcorn tin that's got all the NHL teams on it sometime this week. I hate popcorn, but I love hockey. Don't like the NHL, because Bettman's a douche. Anyways, that wasn't on topic. I shall move on now) So yeah...

Well, I was invited to a brunch that was held by a nurse that works here. The cooking was fantastic and he made these amazing apple and pineapple puree drinks that were delish. His coffee was most excellent also. When everyone was like "We all have to go to work now" he asked if I had gone out on the land and I was like no, so he offered to take me on his Honda ATV to show me the Povingnonuk (I always pronounce or spell it wrong and I really am tired. So you will have to deal. Oh and that's the reason why they call it the Pov here. The old Hudson's Bay port was named that, I just found out. They tend to name and rename things here with alarming frequency) river. That is also the historical river of the caribou deaths. I thought it was just a story, but it was documented that a large number of animals did die crossing that river.

So after a really bumpy ride over rocks and steep terrain (and yes, I admit I was relieved that he knew how to drive and that he is a nurse in case I fell off and broke something or other. I always think that way, but I've done far more retarded things and been okay. My mind is stupid sometimes) we came to a cliff and a sweet I mean bloody fanfucking tastic view of the turbulent river. Now I know why the damned animals died. The waters are churning with such force that they are white froth. The water is cool and utterly clear and you can really drink it. (Unless the caribou cross. Then you will get a mouthful of crap and hair) we saw two of these currents and the rocks and the sky were fantastic! I was just in awe of the terrain, because it's so primal and alive that it's just amazing.

We also found mushrooms there. They were a bit spongy and really soggy because of the rain, but they are quite delish, I've been told. Especially in cream sauces, that's for sure. I took pics of all of this and wished that I had gotten a bag to put the mushrooms in. But I am glad that I didn't, because my arms hurt from holding on to the bars. So much so that I could barely open and close my hands at the end of the ride. But now I know where to go and I can walk over there. Just make it a day trip, because it's a steep terrain and it takes a couple of hours to really wander about out there on foot.

So I am just like "I hope that I can hold on until we get to my house." when the guy stopped and gave me a primer on driving the ATV and had me drive it back again. I was sort of freaked out because I can't drive a car (I know I have spent too much time in the North because I know how to drive a skidoo and an ATV now, but I can't drive a car. Go figure) but the gears were easy to figure out and once I got going, I found that it was actually easy to pick up and I drove us home.

So that was my day and I have to say that although I am pretty wiped, it's the good exhaustion.

And here is my favourite pic of the day:


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