Pizza...not always the greatest food ever

I gave them a shot in the kitchen today and it was half madness and half production. The boys, oddly enough, got bossed around and managed to produce something eatable (that they then wolfed down as fast as they possibly could once it cooled down) whereas the girls just screwed around and created havoc to the point of me giving them a time out in the classroom. It was allright, because even though they were all running around like nutters, they got to work when it came down to it (although I still don't understand why they had to go and kill the fly that got in somehow) and produced something worthwhile.

I also got my first outright defiance with swear words and threats. And I am simply mellow about it because it's not about me. It's about facing up to rules and being told that there are boundaries. The boys, oddly enough, are sweeties. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised, since yes, the boys in the other town drove me nuts, but I ended up having more or a rapport with them in the end. These ones are quirky and a bit goofy and tend to be a bit childish, but they are workers and nice at the end of the day. I know the two that I gave the pieces of pizza too were very happy about having them and even boys not in my class were thankful to get food when I cut pizza into slices and offered them some.

It's a different atmosphere here, that's for sure. I am also pretty stoked that the rest of the staff is pretty supportive and making suggestions and giving me information about who's in my class. I guess I'm at the digesting the situation stage, because I know that there will be a lot more work and structure needed, but once that gets done, there's potential to really have a good group and produce cookies and breads and pies and things like that and actually have them go out with a skill-set.

I'm cautiously hopeful and optimistic about them and they are also pretty funny in their own way, even if they don't know it.

Oh and two more weeks till I go for the hockey program training! I'm like "Wheee!!!" This should be interesting. I will also be learning how to do the leatherwork and have some kind of leeway into that. Here's hoping that things get progressively better rather than worse. But hey, this is the trial run at the moment. Two more days and we'll see how things go.

There was no rain today and we had some sunshine. But the water was still choppy and kind of murky and very turbulent. Also, the clerks at the co-op are very friendly. I guess I am that hilarious. LOL.



  1. onwards and upwards!!

    Setting the boundaries is good, kids like to know what is expected of them :)
    Sounds like you get to do some interesting stuff with them. xxx
    How about your lovely Salsa?? or are the ingredients hard to come by?


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