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Here's hoping the net isn't that slow and I can show some of the pics that I took while en route to the Pov.

I will refer to it like that all the time. It's the old spelling and it was recently changed. So many people still refer to it as the Pov. Which totally fits in with my idiom. LOL.

Oh and the name means "Place were there is a smell of rotten meat" which comes from two origins. One is that a herd of caribou attempted to swim across and drowned and when their bodies were washed ashore, they had started to putrefy. The second is sadder in that there was a famine or a plague that swept across this area and so many died that there was no one to bury the dead, so the bodies rotted on the tundra. But it also has another name that refers to the women continually nursing their children as to not scare away the caribou. I like that one better myself.

But a lot of places have names like that. Salluit which is the Northernmost settlement means "The Thin Ones" in reference to a famine that swept through the settlement. This is one the most inhospitable place to live on earth. If you make a mistake, you could die. I am not trying to be all dramatic, but if you are stupid and jog towards the dump, you will get your ass mauled when they are around. I was told that last year, they had to kill a polar bear that wandered very close to town. They have to do that. Survival is the name of the game here.

It also blows my mind to realize that the Inuit have been here for a millenia and have survived and thrived in such a place. It didn't sink until we travelled above the treeline. Honest.  Here we go:

Well, this is one of them. Will try to put up more. This is the Hudson Bay Strait. This is also the colour of the water all over the place. I was just stunned at the sheer beauty of it.

Link for the others:the fjords of the Hudson

And I was told that sunny days are rare. Right now, it's bloody windy and cloudy. Just how I like it. But sort of having a "Oh crap." moment. My sewage tank is full. Gotta wait till Monday now. Luckily I managed to get a bath in. LOL!

Lazy day today. Just chilling until it starts. Which will be on August 20th!

Ladyofseoul-Yeah, just for one year. I refuse to plan for anything more because you never know, kind of thing.
Carol-Sorry about forgetting to write who Roy Dupuis is. I tend to forget that spending time in Quebec adds another filter to relations between the countries. LOL.

Cheers guys!


  1. Good luck for the 20th. Hope it all gets off to a good start. Love, Rachelx

  2. So how is the Vitamin D situation? Is there 24 hours of sun for the moment? I am so enjoying your blog. I am vicariously living a very exciting year! Thanks Helen.


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