Work has now entered my life. I missed you.

I didn't update the last couple of days because it was simply a bit too hectic to keep up with stuff, to tell the truth. I was busy basically cleaning out and arranging about three year's worth of materials in order to see what I was going to use or throw away this year in regards to working with my students.

Most of the things I will do are projects and hopefully we can make something work to the point that we will have a market for the products that they make. And in the process, they can learn basic life-skills that will help them if they decide to not continue or be integrated back into the normal stream. They are smart kids, but have gaps in their educations for x number of reasons. That's all I will say about that.

Anyways, this community has had a strong IPL program in regards to leatherwork. I haven't ever done it, but I will learn when the other Ped counselor who is in charge of that comes. I'm starting them out on dream-catchers and hemp bracelets for the time being. I made one today and I feel like a dork, since I also made cookies to test out the recipe yesterday and was feeding everyone that I could with them. I hope that they have enough time to bake and clean up tomorrow. It took me half an hour to do all of that, so I think 90 mins will be enough for all these things.

I am adding a new pics of the town taken today and of my workspace and a few of the children. Yes, they really are that teeny. I am tall in this town. I met a guy from the Salluit region and I was like two inches taller than him. I met my students and I was surprised at how teeny they were. I guess growing up in the plains and working with a Cree-based group has got me used to being around people that are freaking tall. Most of my grade seven students were taller than me. So it was odd to meet and greet with my students and have to bend down to look at them in the eye rather than look up.

They kids I have met before and I'm keeping an open mind with them. Right now, we are like wolves circling around each other and sniffing each other out to see what the deal is. Adjustment period will begin on Monday, that's for sure.

The other thing that I thought was interesting was that I was asked if I was First Nations here. It seems that will always follow me around, no matter where I go. I think too, it will stick once word gets out that I am having them make dream catchers for their first projects. LOL.

The other thing I wanted to write about was the coast today. See, it was the first day in all the week where it wasn't drizzling or cloudy and I was like "Ah, Dammit! I gotta be at work today!" because it was so nice outside and the sunlight made it all the more festive.

I did get to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and some time on the coast. The water was so cold and clear and the wind was so refreshing, that it felt like I could stay there for ever and look out the water and the sky that was light blue, pink and light delicate yellow. I swear that this terrain makes me be all weepy and emo every single time that I sit out there to look at it, since it feels like the land is so alive at this time. It leaves me in awe at it, that's for sure.

15 new pics here of my school and the coast today->Coast and classroom

Have a good night!


  1. Loved the photos. Looks like they set you up in a big place..not like Korea eh? :)
    Your classroom looks fab....loads of space.
    My last two days at my school on Mon/Tue.....after five years it's going to be weird walking away. You are living in an amazing place...really enjoying your blog, it's good to know that life is good with Helen xxxx

  2. Sounds like things are going well! Loved seeing the photos of inside your classroom. Adorable kids and dogs! I'm thinking positive thoughts for you that things go well with the students on Monday.


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