Long Weekend's On!

The town seems like a ghost town at the moment (despite it being busy an hour before closing at the Co-op, but that's a different story altogether, it seems) since it is sort of nice at the moment and a long weekend. I have been told that most people are out on the land because Caribou have been spotted. Or fishing. It's one of the last few weekends where everyone can go out and not worry that they will be frozen out, so many of the people have gone out.

I was told that Akulivik is not that far from here and it's more or less an off-shoot of the POV, where some people just decided that they wanted to be three or four hours away from here. But they maintain very strong ties to this community. Basically, the entire Hudson Bay side is related and the Ungava side too. And I think that Hudson Bay has closer ties to Nunavut and Ungava has the same with Greenland. I will ask around and see if my impression is the same about both sides. Will write when that's the case.

As for my kiddies...they still make me laugh. Like to the extent that I have to step outside to snicker when they do weird things. This week wasn't as productive since many were sodding off and not quite into it. I have been told that they like me. I have also been poked like crazy and this girl from another grade keeps insisting that I am a boy. I think it's my voice and I really have no other way of correcting her assumptions. I foresee being thought a boy for a long time to come. Eergh.

The guys at the Co-op are also very nice still. It sort of unnerves me at how people say hi and smile at me quite a bit. I guess I am sort of an unfriendly person. Or very suspicious. Either way, it's taking awhile to get used to.

So yeah, lots of camping and going out on the land around here for this weekend. I suspect it will be quiet until at least Wednesday. Especially if the herds have been spotted out there. It is close to the time that they would be migrating around the land. This herd is also bigger than the George River herd and I wish I either could go hunting or knew a hunter. Caribou meat is amazingly good. I love it and it's really easy to cook too!

The weather is looking fairly good at the moment, despite it being chilly sometimes. It's usually around 9 or 11 degrees lately. And cloudy. I was woken up by Sunshine and I felt like I needed it, after the few days we got with drizzling rain and clouds and winds. Being that close to the Bay makes the weather end up like that quite often. I am eagerly waiting for the snow to fall, which I'm thinking will be in the next month or so.

That means I have to get on the getting a parka sewn up. Or buying a Canada Goose bomber jacket that I have seen in the local Co-op. I've been eyeing it and yeah, it's pretty pricey, but that thing will keep the cold out. And this is the real version. Not the light one that they sell in the cities. We'll see how things will work out regarding the weather here.

So that's it for week two. Hopefully more new things will happen.


  1. It all sounds good...except for the kid thinking you're a dude. Guh. Can't be helped, I guess...I'm just touchy about that. My voice is not very "girly" either. I got called "sir" on the phone sometime in the last year. ~frown~

    I am also an unfriendly person, so I totally understand you being unnerved. I'm nice to people I know. But I'm not "frindly." Two very different things. And mine is partly from shyness, but also partly from suspicion. I don't trust people I don't know. And I don't want to get drawn into some weirdo's world. My former friend was way too friendly, and it backfired on us more than once. Hope you get more used to it though.

    So I checked my handy-dandy C to F converter and I see it's quite chilly there! It's still in the 70s and 80s here (between 24 and 30 C.) This is my favorite time of year down here...Fall is just around the corner. Yes!

    But you definitely need to get your warm coat.


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