Lost days and amusing sights

After the going out on the land, I ended up working Sunday. Which wasn't that fun, to tell the truth. I also got a guest staying with me and it was one of those "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!" moments, since said guest didn't like fish and I was literally caught at the last minute, sort of thing. It worked out okay, minus a few snags here and there, but it also reminded me that my eating habits are not the usual ones. I don't keep eggs in the house. Or potatoes or starchy foods and this person was appalled. Uhm yeah...I usually subsist on tuna sandwiches or rice, veg and meat. The end. I did try to make a compromise and it worked and I went on my merry way, kind of thing.

Except on Tuesday. I was just exhausted and getting that exhaustion illness. Which also made me careless and that was the reason for re-aggravating that old knee injury. Which knocked me out for six on Wednesday. My boss was pretty cool about it and my students got a little break. Which they kind of not seemed to want, as was evidenced by their behaviour today. (Although they did ask if they had been the cause of it. I told them that it had nothing to do with them. Which was true. I was just bloody exhausted because I was working too many days with not enough sleep to tide me over. They seemed perplexed at that and sort of deflated.)

So yesterday I was pretty boring, what with sleeping all day and checking my email (why is it that nothing exciting happens when you're laid up and unable to do anything fun? It sucks) until the winds managed to pick up to like 90Mph or something. The point was that they were so strong we had a warning in the area. Which kind of made me go "Shit. Really? You're serious? Really? Huh?" But it really was to the point that no one got out yesterday. I don't need a crystal ball to tell people how things will go. But hey...not my thing.

Anyways, I got back to work today and I thanked my lucky stars that I had a free morning. It was sort of blah and I only had out of my usual bunch...about six or seven. I usually end up with 8 or 9, kind of thing. I suspect that they like to eat. They made me laugh today and I had to either turn my head or lock myself in the bathroom to laugh at them.

I have kids lying on tables, or sitting on tables, or sitting on top of the tall white fridges. I have them slapping each other with towels, or tickling each other (I was nearly tickled myself, so yeah, they really don't care) I get asked inappropriate questions and have to hear them squeal when they see bananas (don't ask. I pretend that I don't hear them and tell them it's not school talk) Those are just my own kids.

I laugh when I am hanging out in the office and I see two kids walking by, one of them holding the little one in a headlock as they stroll on by as if nothing is out of the ordinary. I have to stop fights going on in the hallway between ten year olds and tell another kid why it's not a good idea to punch a kid in gym when he wants to be playing hockey. I have to chase kids out of the kitchen and asked if I am a boy because of my voice. I also get asked about the white in my hair and occasionally chased down the hall. I have to lock up the eggs and the vanilla and tell them that the washer is not a toy. And hiding in an empty fridge is not a good idea.

It's just an average day for me and I have to say that it's just hilarious because it's like those movies I like to watch where hell is breaking loose in the background and the main characters are just acting as if nothing's out of the ordinary. I like that, rather than having panic mode all the time because it's just the school life. I feel like I am breaking the 4rth wall a lot and it does amuse me. As long as I get enough sleep.

So yeah, that was most of my week. I also get four days next week because Monday's a holiday and I have to leave in the morning to get to Kuujjuaq (weather permitting) so yeah. I am grinning about stuff.

Except my bag isn't here yet and I broke down and started buying clothes. Yep.

And so on...and so on...

Weather-It's 9 degrees here and there has been rain and sunshine at the same time. It's one of those WTF? days.

Nap time.


  1. Wow...sounds crazy. But I guess a good kind of crazy. At least an amusing kind of crazy. And anytime you can laugh about that shit, it's a good thing. Keep laughing, Helen! It'll get ya through. And thanks for another entertaing blog post. ;o) Wow..those kids are something else.


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