September's drawing to a close, kind of thing.

Yeah, I admit that it's been a bit slow this month with updates and dealing with "Oh My GOD!!! YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT!!" kind of situations that have left me scrambling around for sleep and sanity. So yeah, it's been a bit neglected. Sorry. I swear that things will pick up shortly.

Part of the reason this is slow is because I am still settling my class. I have the usual problems and I will list them in point form for easier reference:

  • They like to rock on stools. How they do this is that they turn the stools upside down and race each other down the length of the classroom. I swear to God they do this and I will take photos the next time they decide to do this. I normally wouldn't be surprised...except that they are teenagers, so it's kinda like "Wait...did I just see that?"
  • The hiding in the closet thing has stopped, but now they are making Baking Soda, water and salt bombs. For what reason, I do not know. Hey, it's a bit of science in the class, at least.
  • They will start doing push-ups and sit-ups and stretches for no real reason other than they are bored and I just sit and watch them until they decide to wrestle each other around like puppies. 
  • I have to keep soap and too much flour away from them because they will slap each other silly with both substances. Sometimes, at the same time. 
  • The personal space thing...still haven't figured out yet. They really like to get close to you, for some reason. I honestly don't know why they just are right in there.
  • I got pelted in the head with a SHOE. A shoe! It took me a day to get over it, since it was just ridiculous. It was one of those fake Crocs and it didn't hurt. The kid apologized, but I honestly felt like Austin Powers in the first movie, when he's like "Did you just throw a shoe at me? Like really, who does that?" I told the kid that he either needed to stop throwing shoes or get better aim. He vows to get better aim. I really can't argue with that goal. Nope. Sound logic.

Oddly enough, even though I feel like someone's mum at the end of the day, with the running around putting out fires (some cases, even literally) I find them quite endearing. They're cute, especially when they just randomly do stuff and they have made me laugh out loud quite a bit. Yes, they have their days where I am like "" but when one of them starts clapping or gives me the appropriate timed sound-effect, or when I see them washing their hands when they touch their faces, or apologizing for swearing, or when they are happy that I send them home with some extra's a feel good moment.

Their cookie baking skills are getting better. We sold some today and I am hoping that we make pizza in a different way and hopefully start making a bit of profit. I mean, I technically consider food their payment, but it would be nice for them to get some stuff sold so that they can start feeling proud of their achievements. Because even in such a short span, they are learning to do so many things. I just write the recipe and most of the time, they take charge.

I am happy that little by little, they are learning new skills and new ways of being.

Which makes me wonder if that's how parents see their kids: exasperating, amusing, surprising and occasionally sweet. Huh.



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