So yeah...

This was the sight that greeted me this morning as I sauntered vaguely downstairs to make coffee. The date-September 28th/2010.

I'm sorry for the far and few in between updates. I'm not being a skiving sod or anything like that (and yeah, I do read all the comments and appreciate the traffic. I really do. I'm not just saying it cuz I can, kind of thing. And I did notice the new follower. HI! *waves*) and I do plan to have at least 60 entries by the time I decide what will happen come the next year. (Well, enough to make a book. Or something. Why do I write like I talk? I apologize if this driving you bonkers. My brain likes to mess with me) so I will explain the situation.

More or less, it was a fucker of a week. They happen sometimes, where everyone just gives each other different versions of the hairy eyeball and the side eye. Even the students get in on this. (Fooled ya!) and it's just a horrible week or two all around and it sucks.

They happen and it can be for many reason: death, weather and illness.

It's a sad and not so fun fact that suicide is the main preventable cause of death among the young population. Not saying it's exclusive to the kids, but it does take a lot of the under 30 crowd.

Last week we had two. One in the town and one in another town that had roots here. I'm not going into details out of respect for the dead, but yeah. No one is going to be all okay and merry about the situation. If you are...dude...

So we had a double funeral on Tuesday and it was mainly a waiting game for when the people were coming back. Add pressure to get stuff sorted out with programs and try-outs and one is a happy camper. We all survived and I think the only reason was because we had a PED day. Most of us were sick though, by the time it was all said and done. Hells, I went home and laid in bed most of the weekend, because the stress and illness finally got to me.

But after a weekend of being by myself, it all worked out. Monday was a good day, as was today, because it was unexpected. I swear that it was like the 4-panel comic where the little scrawly dude is all but crying at the beginning, but two other kids from the other class came in and helped us with the pizza and by the end, I was all like "It went better than expected" and I was nice and we made 50$ worth of pizza sales for our first market day.

So we ended up playing Twister, going to the computer lab and I ended up getting more materials. Oh and I walked through the first sleet fall of the year. Yeah. We are already getting snow here. It's almost October and we are on the 60th parallel, so it makes sense. I woke up this morning and saw my shed was covered in snow. I was like "O RLY?" so I took a picture. Then I put the coffee maker to brew and jumped in the shower. I had forgotten I wasn't dressed, but I remembered to take a picture of the snow covered shed. Priorities, I gots them.

So we will be getting ice in the rink soon and my colleague and I will start practices soon. I am in the middle of chasing kids around and reminding them to show up to school. I hate that I have to be reminding them about stuff. Yet I feel like I gotta be their mums somehow. It's weird how you start getting that kind of protectiveness towards the kids that you consider your own.

Oh that reminds me, while we were making the pizzas, all the kids were asking me if I had been a gangsta. I guess the tattoos and the utter ungirliness (I was wearing a Pens hoodie and my ovechkin shirt with the name written in Cyrillic in the back) and scars may have had to do something with it. I fobbed it off as a joke and moved on. I'm not a BAMF...I'm a mild mannered teacher...:P!

So that was my entertainment for the day. Oh and spying on the gym class. LOL.

Tomorrow, we have been commissioned to make a white birthday cake. Our first commission and I am stoked that we are getting it! I'm so proud of my kids and their achievements. It's one of those things...they can drive you mad, they can do weird things like step on each other and wrestle each other in random places...but they are cohesive and work together for all the weird things ever. It's...interesting.

 I know it's sort of random...but that's it. Sadness, randomness and a smile from a friendly person to make it all be a day and some.



  1. Definitely some bright spots mixed in there with the downers. So that's awesome.

    I'm the BAMF of the library. When I send out overdues, my books come back pronto! This one faculty member seems totally scared of me...makes me laugh.

    And yay for us "ungirly" girls!! ;o)


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