Weekend in the capital

I just got back from the Nunavik Hockey Development meeting and I'm kind of tired and a bit down. Kind of like I've still got the residue of a great party with a few odd spots to deal with, kind of thing. I also have to wonder if it's also because I am finally alone in my own home with my own things. I can understand why people get so attached to their homes once they are passed around all over the place.

I had to take a break and step back, because it was all too emotionally intense when it came to being back. I had been looking forward to this for weeks, like my one treat for a while and when I got back, it was hard to come back down again. The only other trip I have left to make this year is to go back home at Christmas. And it's like two more months for that, so there's no point in agonizing over it.

So back to the weekend...

It was sad to say that I hadn't really spoken to my co-worker in the enterprise. He's like the youngest coach in Quebec and he's got that Jay Baruchel charming awkwardness that's charming and cute at the same time. He's also pretty easy going and hilarious and I like the fact that he's easy to get along with. He's also around 18, so I have designated him my minion. I also ended up getting a lot of laughs by simple linguistic screw ups.

See, French is my third language and when I am speaking to people in French, I can easily understand them. But my spoken isn't always the greatest and I had to get used to him. We can communicate fine now, but we had a few gap moments in the weekend. Especially when I told him that I liked him. Except that I used the wrong term in French and he got all freaked out, thinking I had declared my undying love for him.

(Why the hell do these things just happen to me? Seriously.)

Then there was the matter of him being my minion-the word happens to sound like the French word for cute. So a lot of French people thought I was calling him "My Cutey". Gah...that I totally made an impression without meaning to. I did it two ways: By being one of the few females that spoke to the man himself, by being pushy and by being a cipher. I also fangirled a bit on Joe Juneau and got autographs and a picture with him, which I shall attach to this blog to give you an idea of what a big dork I am.

He was actually quite cool about it and my friend Tara was the one that got me to take a picture with him. She said that she had to to do it three times because I was looking like I was just about to die and he was so cool about it. I was still pretty mortified though. But I fulfilled my objective.

See, I am interested in the program because it's something good. And no, I wasn't sold on the party line and I did speak to the man for more than a couple of minutes. He's intelligent (He went to MIT and did his degree in three years. In Aeronautical Engineering. I don't know about you, but as someone that got stuck on monomials in Algebra, I'm fucking impressed) and I'm sure he can size people up in a few minutes. I think that was why he didn't feed me a party line.

I can't pretend to know his reasons. But what I do know is that he's making something that no one attempted to do before work in a place that by sheer logistics alone makes things almost impossible. I also know that this program is gold. My own kids where basically like "We don't give a damn that you're going to Kuujjuaq" and when they were told why I was going, they wanted to come with me. They believe in the program and for some, it's all that they got to hang on to. I know if I had been offered such a choice when I was young, I would have been all over it like a fat kid on cake.

And I know that if it's one thing, it can help to give someone some kind of structure and direction. It can also be the one thing that keeps someone sane with their feet on the ground. For me, it was school and someone that isn't part of my life any longer. But if I hadn't had any of that, I would have easily gone over that brink. And that's why I respect Joe Juneau and I am deeply honoured and humbled to be part of it as well. No. It's not me being emo. It's me understanding how much this means.

After everything was said and done, we had a good time visiting and going to a bonfire and seeing the sky and stars and the beginnings of the Northern Lights. Which also reminds me of this wicked story:

The Inuit kids used to be told that when the Northern Lights came out, it was time for them to go home, because if they were out, the lights would steal their souls. This one guy would always go home when they were just a gleam in the sky, but his friend told him that the Northern Lights could be driven off by the sound of a zipper.

So one night, he's out there really late and he's like "Oh shit! The Lights are out!" so he's frantically looking for a zipper, but he's wearing a parka that is a traditional one that you pull over your head. So there he is, looking for another zipper until he realizes that his jeans are the only thing he's got with a zipper. So he pulls up his parka and runs across the snow zipping and unzipping his jeans frantically until he gets to his house.

And that is the best story I have ever heard from Umijuak, via Kuujjuaq.

So now for the dorky part. The pic. You can be the judge of my dorkiness or not. And that is my adventure in the Capital.

 This was taken in the Kuujjuaq arena and that's obviously Joè Juneau on my right. Notice he's cool about it. I'm a giant dork. His T-shirt basically has the logo and the name of the program. Yes, I have one too.



  1. That's a great photo! Congrats! I hope that if I ever meet José or Henrik (which I know I won't, but whatever) I will have a "Tara" with me to push me to get a photo. Otherwise I'll kick myself later.

    And as uncomfortable as I'm sure it was at the time, the fact that your minion thought you said you loved him is pretty funny after the fact. ;o) Glad that all got worked out, but it's good for a giggle down the road. Add that to the "cutey" thing...oh my. Language snafu's are ouchy. Haha!

    Hope the program goes well for you guys!!


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