Why my town is infistimately cooler than your town

Sorry that I've not posted recently. I got distracted by shiny things (ie my bed, Diet Coke, frozen strawberries and silvery clear water) and also because I've been compiling a stock of my days so that I can then come and tell you all about it. I am such a geek.

So I am going to research the pull of the moon cycles on the tidal charts as well as the effects on the children. They went completely INSANE for a couple of days this week. I kid you not. I had to separate them so that we could get some stuff done. I was at times, standing there, watching them climb up tables and chase each other around the classroom. Then they asked me if we were going to the kitchen. I told them that I didn't trust them to operate a PENCIL, never mind an oven. So we stayed till the bitter end and I was just exhausted. It was mad.

Oh and this other guy I just see around makes these shrieky noises and when he saw me walking home for lunch was like "Aaahhh! Teacher! What are you doing outside of school! Bonjour!" I responded with "Well, that's kind of random." To which he replied "That's just how I roll." Comment win!

They reminded me of how one of my professors at the UofA said that children were undisciplined and would totally go off the rails if you didn't have some kind of structure for them. He gave an example of a kindergarten class that would always refer to him as Mrs and they ran out to the playground when he tried an experiment on them. Namely asking them what they wanted to do. Mine are sort of like that. Well, not all the time. I gotta be fair.

Then I ended up with six or seven kids. My numbers are dwindling, I see. I can't really be complaining about the situation because the core group I have are silly, but good workers and they will, with a bit of polish, end up as a decent batch of minions that can bake cookies, muffins and banana bread as well as pizza and empanadas.

I have one that calls me grandma or mom and asks me for money constantly. Then there's the one that has impeccable timing with the clapping. I say something like "We're going to the kitchen to bake cookies" and he claps right after the announcement. He's great for that. And his version of the hairy eyeball is to pull his lower eyelid down and make "Oooooh" noises.

There's the little one who is the oldest, but the strongest one. He took the biggest kid down during a wrestling match on the carpeted area of the classroom. When they have five minutes left, I let them do that. They just dogpile and wrestle and we just watch. They end up happier and provide me with amusement. I can live with that.

The girls are hit or miss. Not quite up there with the humour or the antics. Although one has a habit of poking me in the ears when I sit down. I haven't the slightest why. She also sniffs my hoodies. I wear pitstick and perfume, in case anyone is wondering.

I suspect it's because the days have been lovely and with very little wind lately that they have all just decided to go loopy. The cool thing or odd thing is that they have academically done quite a bit of work and some have even taken homework home with them. I'm like "Uh...really?"

Yeah...that's been my week, hence the distraction. I am flying out tomorrow for Kuujjuaq and the Nunavik Youth Hockey Development Program with the local trainer so that we can get more information and be properly trained on it and be all ready. I really hope to make this a success and have everyone be interested and participate in it. The funny thing is that I got sort of shiny in the view of the kids when they heard I was going to meet Joe Juneau and it encouraged two to go and play for the team.

It's little gems like these that make me smile and remember that it's not always "ZOMG! THIZ IZ SIRIUS BIZNESS!!" and that they are interesting people in their own right.

And the sky has been a heartbreakingly, never ending swath of pure blueness that seems to go on forever. The wind is still strong, but the day's so pretty that it makes the water shimmer like liquid diamonds in the harbour.

So that's why my town is cooler than your town. :P!


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