21 days and yeah, I'm counting.

Okay, so this week was kind of one of those "ZOMG! WTF? Seriously!" where I felt like I was in some twisted reality, because honestly, teaching isn't supposed to be this collection of crazy shit happening constantly. And honestly, it's not because my kids are the "speshul" class (And I really hate it when people get that impression when I tell them I teach the alternative stream. Seriously. Go choke a horse or something. Siriusly. There are different learning styles, that's the end of it.) because I've had crazy shit happen in other classes that were supposed to be academic.

(Well, maybe it's just ME. Only I would think it's perfectly normal to set fire to Magnesium in a normal classroom rather than a science lab. In my defense, we had NO science lab. But no one was hurt and the smoke cleared out by the time we went for lunch.)

Anyways, I have all these little weird things happening in my classes quite often.  I think my favourite one that killed me was when we got out early for a funeral. In a community this small, everything shuts down for funerals, so we get dismissed early, depending on the time. For some reason, one of the girls decided she was going to show us her lipgloss. That was okay. Until both the girls AND the boys decided to have a go at it.

THEN the eyeshadow came out and it was glittery, so I had a few boys running around pretending that they were Ziggy Stardust in the privacy of the classroom. It was quite adorable, to tell the truth and I didn't want to ruin their parade there. So it was all cool.

The other incident is that they love putting on my clothes. I haven't the slightest why, but if I leave my stuff on the desk, chances are that I will turn around and see someone prancing around in my coat, hat and fingerless gloves. It's just kind of like "Why do you like putting on my clothes?" I don't get it. My clothes aren't anything special...no wait. I think I have more NHL gear than most normal people and have been asked if I would give up my Pens, Wild and even Sabres hoodies away. I know that if I came in with a Habs jersey or a hoodie, people would LOSE their minds. I also think I will take up the offer of another teacher to have a dress-up area for them if they enjoy doing that so often.

The other thing that I don't understand is the closet. They love just hanging out in that small room. It's just filled with craft supplies, but they love being in there. I constantly have to keep yelling this at them:

"Get out of the closet! What is wrong with you? Get out of there!" and "That's not the way to Narnia! Get out of the frikking closet! Aaaargh!", "There are no treasures there! Y U being silly like that?"

Yeah. They're funny that way. I also have criers in the class. They rough-house when they're bored and that's usually okay, but sometimes they take it too far and that happened on Monday and I had a crier and the other one just hid under the table and both of them looked like they felt so bad about the situation, I didn't have the heart to ream them out. They took all afternoon, but by the time it was "Movie Afternoon" they were okay with each other. It was still sort of weird, because they're teenagers and I wouldn't expect that behaviour from them, but hey, let's just go with the flow here.

The one that cried is this teeny little guy. 16 years old, but teeny. He makes me laugh when he speaks sometimes, because he sounds like a cranky old man when he does and he says some cute things that I have to turn away to hide my smile so that he doesn't misunderstand. Like one time when I moved him in the queue to have a drink of water and he protested because he didn't want to be last. But then I told him he wasn't last, but "2nd last" and he was all happy about it and repeated the phrase to himself in satisfaction.

It's good to hear him speak. They said last year, they didn't even think he could speak, since he was so quiet. He speaks more now, in English and in French. He loves Ovie and Malkin and Mike Richards and Cammalleri and he's the one that was all gaga over the Ovie GQ picture. Now that I have gotten a copy of the magazine, (Thanks to some amazing friends in the south. You seriously know who you are) I can give him a copy for him to fanboy over.

Then there was the frenzy over the hockey cards. I'm a collector and I love that Panini puts out these affordable sticker albums for hockey. But when buying the cards, I ended up with a shitload of doubles, right? So I took them in and told them all they could have any of the ones they wanted. They were so happy when they scored Carey Price, Ovie, Rick Nash and Jordin Tootoo. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be skulking around in the dollar stores for the new albums so they can have more cards and stuff.

So yeah, that's been the classroom life since the last post. I'll get more about the town and class life as it goes later. The snow is still staying but we got a recent warm wave, which makes everything icier than hell and everyone falls on their asses a lot when that happens.

So yeah...


  1. Hahaha!!! Your classroom stuff cracks me up. Those crazy kids. ;o) Especially the closet thing for some reason.


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