My, this is sort of awkward...

First, I just wanted to apologize for missing all of October. In no real order:

  • First two weeks of the month of October were spent pretty damned sick. I ended up getting knocked down by a nasty cold and then I ended up with food-poisoning. How that happened...I honestly don't know because they freeze all meats. It's a law that meat and poultry has to be frozen before it is shipped to the North. Either way, after a week spent paying my respects to the camp toilet (and's not the best place to puke. Well...puking on general principle isn't a great activity, but in a camp toilet, it's even worse)
  • family emergency-'nuff said.
  • Work was just weird and hellish. My core group has grown to about ten. Two of them just decided that they wanted to come before the holidays or something...and I have new ones from different communities that I need to intergrate within the class structure and it wasn't easy. I think I may have figured it out...maybe...I'll let you know if my experiment has been a success.
  • My laptop suffered a horrific mishap and I had wait a week until my new one came. I have lost a lot of stuff and I'm still sort of numb about it. But it is possible to get it back. Keeping fingers crossed.
So that was all of October in a nutshell. I will write about the other little gems I got during that time, which include discovering (and using) the stereotypicalcanadianmoose (whom I have named Billy and lives in my backyard and says all the cool stuff in the memes. LOL) how Ovechkin, Semin, Kovalchuk and Tuukka Rask can further the cause of geography in a classroom and how being second last is actually not a bad place to be.

Oh and yes, costumes WILL always fit over the parka.

So my apologies.  The blog was on temporary hiatus, but it will be back this week with lots of pics and funny anecdotes about classroom and POV life.


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