So 26 days till I get home...

I did say that I was going to update the blog and now I have. I'm going to have to point form the sucker for easier convenience, since I will get loopy and I do want to go and eat. I hate how I get headaches if I miss that, so yeah. Not that eating is tops compared to updating. But I get cranky if it doesn't happen when it's supposed to. So here we go:

  • Basically, to stave off the ennui that can result in homicidal tendencies, a few staff and locals have a hockey fantasy pool going on. It's been working pretty well, although we do have the annoying tendency to talk hockey non-stop when there are breaks and tend to be sort of inclusive. I have to admit that it has helped in getting a bond going on with my army of minions. They now are very aware of the fantasy standings of different players and can quote statistics. I recommend it. I'm getting totally whomped and have traded off a lot of my supposed snipers (I'm looking at you, Ovechkin and Zetterberg.) so here's hoping that something changes. On the other hand, I did pay my pool fee with 20 quid I found on the ground, so no big deal if I lose it. But it's still early and you never know, kind of thing. So whatever. Wait and see, I guess.
  • My class has increased in size to about ten that are steadily coming. It's a bit odd, since the IPL is historically a low attendance kind of class, so I'm really surprised that they keep on coming. Huh. I wonder if it's my sparkling personality, the jokes, or the bait that they will get to eat the leftovers of whatever we bake. And arts and crafts. Which reminds me: I have to plasticize pictures of Mike Richards, Mike Cammalleri and Evgeni Malkin. I seriously am debating writing to the Pens organization and asking them for autographed pictures, because yes, they are that enthralled with Malkin. I have seen grafitti to attest to this fact.
  • I've been addicted to a website called "Stereotypical Canadian Moose" and I did bring a couple of the pictures in, which made some of them laugh. I refer to the moose as my moose and it has the added effect of making them talk about how much they either find my moose amusing, or hate him. I have to bring more in and put them up around the classroom. I have also located a Patrick Roy I gotta decide whether it will be practical to plasticize and sneak into classroom. We'll see.
  • I've been working on a bit of geography with them and I am happy to report that they can't find Ottawa...but they can locate Samara (birthplace of Alexander Semin and Semyon Varlamov) Magnitogorosk (Malkin's town) Moscow (Ovechkin) Turku (Rask) and Churchill, Manitoba (Jordin Tootoo) oh and Edmonton. I am proud of them, because Ottawa is over-rated and is a crap town. Knowing where Magnitogorosk can be found is infistimetly cooler.
  • So I have been putting up pictures of hockey players up and I found the GQ pic with Ovechkin walking down Moscow and the Red Square behind him so I put it up and I was noodling at my desk when I saw two of the boys looking at the pic. I heard one of them exclaim that it was Ovechkin, but he hadn't a clue as to where he was. The other one pointed out very confidently that it was Moscow because of the church domes. So if anyone says that hockey isn't a learning tool...I got proof otherwise! Nyah!
  • The other thing that I have forgotten to write about is "Costume over the Parka" phenomena that appears in all of Canada. I have proof and I will attach it here. Or link it. Whichever comes first. Anyways, Halloween was celebrated on a Saturday here, because Sunday is the day that everything gets shut down. So I went over to a friend's house and helped hand out candy. I sort of found it funny that despite the costumes, I got greeted by all the little goblins and so on by name and then they took off their masks. It was very, very cute. And most of the costumes went right over the parkas. In fact, some WERE the Parkas. I got a ton of cute pics from the little ones. One boy dressed like a red and purple dragon was my favourite. It was so adorable!! So that was Halloween. I celebrated the day of the dead with the kids by making Mexican holey cookies on the Day of the Dead.
  • There will be a part 2 to this that will be done later this week. It's not a thematic bit persay, but I figure that it deserves its own post, since it involves classroom shenanigans. Oh and have there been a lot of them that have made me go "I went into teaching because I wanted normalcy...why does it elude me? And why are we talking about Adam Lambert right now? What does his music have to do with how many goals Sidney Crosby has scored in his entire career?"
  • So that is it for this part. More to follow and more pics to come as well. Cheers!


  1. Great to read all that's going on! I didn't see a costume over the parka photo though. Did you mean you'd post it next time? Or am I missing it? Enjoyable read!


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