The Last week before Christmas Break

So I ended up getting a bit distracted in regards to updating. Namely because I had to find a tenant for the place while I'm gone (There's always the slim chance of people breaking into our houses when we're not in town, so finding someone to take care of the place and giving them a place to stay when they come back to visit is a necessity)and packing up my stuff. It has worked out, but it was a situation that was like "Oh, bloody hell" when I was trying to get someone. But it was all worked out by the secretary and the vice principal, so it was all good there.

That was one of the things. The second was that we got a massive blizzard that lasted until Thursday. Honestly, I wasn't paying much attention until Monday morning, when it was looking pretty windy and pretty fierce. We still went in on Monday, facing the wind and the swirling snow dervishes all over the place. It was as bad as being in downtown Edmonton, when it was all said and done. Or when I was in Yorkton in 2008. Maybe it's just because the Prairies make us tough, but it wasn't as hellish as I expected. I could honestly deal.

Overall, it kept getting worse and we kept getting delays in whether there would be school or not. We ended up with a total of two full days-one snow day and two half days. On Friday, the problem was that half of the school had no heat, so we couldn't keep the kids here. See, even if the temperature isn't that low, the windchill and the wind itself will kill. I think the windchill made the temperature be hovering about the -20 mark and that's getting up there with the cold.

But there were a couple of days where it was just white. I was judging how bad it was by whether the airport lights were on or not. I think they were off for about three or four days. Wednesday, I couldn't even see the building across from me, so yeah, it wasn't conductive at all to go out. 

I obviously didn't go out that much. What with the packing and the simple need to sleep (snowfalls always make me sleepy) I stayed in and got my house ready for the lodger, as I like to call them. I've cleaned the house within and inch of its life and just need the laundry (which is a bit trickier. We also had no trucks going around for a couple of days, so it was touch and go when it came to taking showers and cleaning. It's all good now) and the house will be welcoming for the person coming in.

The other thing that I was noticing that was pretty awesome was the peeking out of the christmas lights in the windows around town. I saw some already had blue ones and red ones and green ones and contrasted against the dark harshness of the Arctic night and the snow, it just makes it prettier.

And I spent a few minutes or so, freezing a bit in front of the Northern teaching kids to count in Spanish. So if you want to learn some Spanish, stop me before I head home from the Northern. Heh!

The sky and the sunsets have been just utterly amazing and the clear days have been sunny. It has been getting dark pretty early though. I was out today and it was dark about 3.30 pm. But then, we are heading towards the longest night and then, I've been told that the nights start getting really short after that. The midnight sun though, doesn't happen until June and lasts all summer long.

So that's what's been going on in the corner of the universe here. My students have been making Christmas decorations and next week we shall try to bake Christmas cookie bundles and more decorations and hope that the weather stays clear when we get out to fly.

So that's it for now. Cheers!


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