We're all in agreement, January is an off month

So hello, Happy New Year and I hope the holidays were as kick-ass as mine were. Nothing like coming home from a two year exile to have a blast. So the break was awesome and now we are back in town again for the next part of the deal, so to speak.

The kiddies are also all geared up and back to their usual selves. I suspect that a couple of weeks should be the length of time that we area all going to be discombobulated for. Because we all are.

For example, I had to shoo a couple of them away from me because they kept smelling my hoodies. Granted, I did have a huge box of incense in my luggage and it is the Nag Champra, but it's not that great to have someone almost bury their nose in my hoodie to get the scent into their lungs. Seriously.

Then there was the showing of the new tattoos, which are on the inside of my arm (for the record, I can pull my sleeve down and no one will see them) and I had people just pulling my arm to look at them. It also shows how fast word travels here that I was having a conversation with someone and these two little girls I don't think I've really spoken to wanted to see them and one just went up and pulled up my sleeve and without breaking my stride told her to try the other sleeve, which she did and then they both went on their way.

Oh and the one that killed me was in math, since I was helping them do word problems, you know the ones were you WILL NEVER meet people named this who have weird problems that you have to fix for them. Honestly, where do they find these people? Are these problems some sort of sick and sad chronicles of their struggles that all school children must suffer through? So anyways, I was reading it and we all just snorted and giggled because one of the girls was called "Sidney".

They lost it and started shouting out "8 Girl Sidney Crosbys" (8 was the answer) and I started to maybe wonder if buying that "Je Suis" Sidney Crosby poster for the classroom was a good idea after all. Or if I should shut up about hockey. It's one of the things that comes up quite a bit in the class. That and Justin Bieber. O.o. Oh and Steve Stamkos and Carey Price. Which reminds me that maybe I should get a subscription to the Canadiens hockey magazine to give them something to look at.

I have also banned them from the closet. It's just too weird to be telling them to get out of the closet all the time. Yeah, it's funny, but it still makes me me go "Seriously guys? Seriously?" when that happens. But on the other hand, they can sure make good butter cookies. Let's hope that the cinnamon buns with the thick frosting come out as well tomorrow. And hey, we have finished half of the month! Whooot!

As for the weather, I'm walking around in my trainers. It's a brisk cold that's going on here and lots of fog and frost. One lady that has been here for years said that she hasn't seen hoarfrost (I really hate saying that word, because with my accent, it sounds like I'm saying "Whorefrost" and no one wants that) that bad since she left Northern Alberta. I also found out that EDMONTON was and is still colder than this place. Whut the what? Seriously? Ah E-town, you amaze me. And not to be confused with the London Edmonton, which I have heard is terrible.

And the crazy thing is the town above us, Ivujivik (Which means place where the ice breaks) is starting to seem like spring there. Yes, we do talk about the weather a hell of a lot here, because it's not a normal winter scenario. Plus, we could get crazy blizzards later this month or February. It's not because we're that bored or anything like that. It's more like we have to be aware in case things happen due to the oddness of the weather.

Anyways, the days are just really bright at the moment (when there is no frost) and the sun isn't setting at 3 pm anymore. It's closer to 4.30ish-5ish now? But I know come March it will just be super bright and in June, there will be almost no darkness. I mean we are close enough to the Arctic Circle for it to happen, so yeah...

Other than that, no wild animal spottings...that's if you don't count fluffy dogs running around in town.


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