End of a cold and nasty month. With flowers!

So nearly the end of February. I don't even think I will be counting Monday, to tell the truth. I'm happy that the month is over, because I can look forward to the Snow Festival and a way to shed the cabin fever that has stuck around quite persistently. But the days are getting longer, which is a small blessing. I was timing the sunset and so far, it has been at around 6pm. It's kind of weirding me out a bit, but then  I'm sitting on the edge of the Arctic Circle, so it makes sense.

I have been warned that come April, it's not unusual to have sun all over the place and June will just a mindtrip since we will see the true midnight sun going on. Like the sun going..."I'm leaving. No. Not really." So technically, we get a few months of the sun being a total troll while it circles around the damned place. Go figure.

It has also affected the kids wiring's and they have been...interestingly special. Some days are funny and some days I'm just shaking my head at them like "Oh Jeez guys. Knock it the hell off!" Seriously. It's like they switch being annoying for me or something so that I don't get complacent.

This week was one of those sort of weeks, but luckily this afternoon I got them to actually participate in something. Tissue flowers. I got a kit and it arrived just last week. Along with ink stamps, I managed to get them working on solid projects for the past little while. Today though, I had them doing a bit of academics and forced them to make the flowers. They were reluctant at first, the boys didn't even want to, but I made them do it and...well, here are the results:

Figuring out the crinkling process

Accordion pleats!

Caught in the moment!

The bloom!

searching the heavens for inspiration

So that was the end of this week and they were nice enough of a craft to put smiles on people's faces and it was a nice way to end a week that left me going "Seriously man?" more often than not.

Next week, we have soap making!


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