Hard Winter

I do apologize for the lack of updates. It has been hard to get anything down after processing it. Especially since it took quite a while to get down to business after going back out West.

There was also another suicide in the village that left everyone reeling, since it was the 1st of the year and it was someone that was quite unlikely in all senses to do such a thing that it threw everyone for a loop. Then the school's ongoing heating problems struck again, leaving us without heat for a day or two. In the midst of a horrible cold snap that comes and goes.

Honestly? I've had and seen worse and people have said that Ungava Bay IS a hell of a lot colder than it is here. I do believe them. It's the wind that kills and we've had quite a few days of -40 Windchill. Occasionally I have seen the temperature hover close to -50, but not like in Schefferville, where it would go on for a few weeks and have the actual school day start somwhere around noon or so.

And there's the ongoing illnesses that have been plaguing everyone again. It's neverending, seriously. I just got felled myself by a damned sinus cold that isn't leaving any time soon. It's enjoying itself immensely, which is not the case for me.

I do have interesting news, in that there will be regional hockey teams and with a little luck, our town could have a team of sorts to send to theses. They are going on in several towns and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this can happen for our kids. Hockey really is king here.

Which reminds me of the class atmosphere, which has been rocky of late. Either the length of the winter has been getting to them or the new moons. I call them the reverse werewolves, since they are quite fine during the full moons, but wackier than outhouse rats when it's the new moons.

I did end up putting up the Patrick Roy poster and some of the new NHL stars up and they enjoy that immensely. In fact, they were so enamoured with the idea of more hockey stuff that I bought the Sports Illustrated hockey book and they pored over it and the best of the decade book like mad. They also have made it some kind of hobby to point out Peter Forsberg, Sidney Crosby, Patrick Roy, Carey Price, Jaroslav Halak and Alexander Ovechkin in all the books.

They also were intrigued by the Ovechkin DVD, which I brought in as a treat after the work was done. Even though it was mostly talking head stuff, they were enthralled at seeing him in Moscow and all those scenes. I was sort of surprised when they asked if they could watch the Sidney Crosby one after. I never thought that they would have the patience to follow the conversations. Although they didn't understand why Ovechkin was speaking in Russian and they asked me if I understood him. I am seriously regretting NOT taking the Russian Proficiency course in University. I thought about taking Russian in Concordia or McGill...but they didn't offer them...I'm honestly like WHUT? Since the UofA offers all these random languages...so yeah...digression there. The point is that they really followed the conversations and subtitles closely and I was surprised by that.

The girls have been getting better at bead work and make these cutesy little bracelets while the boys have excelled at cooking. Their cinnamon buns are fantastic, and we have been selling when they have been made. It's nice to see them picking up some kind of skills. Even their maths have been getting better.

And here is what it's been looking like lately. We don't quite have the sun coming up or going down early at the moment...but it's getting there. It's about four at this moment and the sun is starting to come down, but it's still bright out. March is what we are all excited for, since the big Snow Festival will happen. I have decided to stay and document. It's about five weeks from now, give or take and it should be interesting.

Drumroll please:

View of the kitchen window.

The view from the living room window, yes, I am not always sitting with the drapes drawn. I am not a vampire! Although I do sparkle in the sun!

The view from the little window close to my door. I like the frost patterns here and it shows the coldness of the place. That's all!


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