One does not simply make soap in the North!

So I'm always on the look-out for craft porjects for my class to do and I was pretty damned pleased when I found an entire box of melt and pour soap, molds, dye and glitter. I had also ordered some fragances and oils...but they never got here. Having decided that March was late enough to wait, I decided to start this week.

(I have a thing with trying to make soap. Some of you have seen the last tries. I'm actually STILL pissed that someone STOLE three bars of Ivory soap from my desk that time. Like really man? Why did you take my Ivory soap? Were you really THAT hard up for soap?)

The cutting of the soap and the melting actually went fairly well. Most of the girls co-operated and the boys were only too happy to cut up the soap and let the girls fool around with the moulds and the dye. That lasted until the work of cleaning up melted soap came into play.

I suddenly ended up turning into a drill sergeant to get them to clean the bowls and make sure that the soap wasn't ground into the floor from the modern art they were performing on the big chunk of coconut based white soap block that we had left. They didn't like that, needless to say.

(I have now gotten confirmation that my side eye and hairy eyeball are up to optimum level, btw)

And the whinging about the smell...if anything, I have made sure that NO ONE will want to handle melted coconut based soap or glycering soap. Not the best of smells and I really wish I had thought to pick up some scented oils, but yeah...expectation of defence at the front of the net is the root of all heartache. Just ask Carey Price. 

By the end of it all, we all had, at one point or another, gotten soap slivers under the beds of our fingernails. I actually ended up ripping off the inside of my fingernails later on and they hurt pretty damned bad. The skin on my hands and their cracked from having to wash everything in super hot water.

We actually managed to produce some retarded looking polar bears without heads and some goofy looking sparkly mermaids and Christmas trees. Oh and the ducky. That one is just...yeah...I'll take pictures of them tomorrow.

I mean, for a first time try, the products were really good and another teacher actually congratulated me on having them create something, despite the organized chaos that erupted from "Wheeeeee!!!! Let's cut this soap and melt it and glitter the daylights out of it!"

I think I saw one of them eating the coconut based one...*shudders* I also thank my lucky stars that it was just melt and pour soap. I wouldn't bust out lye in that situation. Considering that they painted each other with metallic paints when they made Christmas ornaments (I'm not kidding. A couple of them were coming to school with silver, copper and gold streaks all over their faces and hair) lye would just be begging for trouble.

No. The soap making was tried and we can lay that sucker to rest.

They will weave paper bookmarks next. At least papercuts will be difficult to get under fingernails.


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