Quiet stuff

So yeah, back from March break and trying to see if Spring has actually sprung in this place. (Spoiler-It hasn't, physically. Pyschologically, yes) We're basically waiting for the last blizzard to hit before it can officially be called Spring. Which is pretty messy, judging by the piles and piles of snow still hanging around the place. It actually got warm enough for stuff to MELT last week. We had fun knocking the icicles off the roof of the school, to be honest. That's kind of weird, but hey, I'm not one to complain about the weather patterns.

Hell, I even found the hide of some animal sitting there by the neighbour's shed. Kind of interesting what Spring melt reveals all over the place. But then, it's the same as the south, just different crud.

The days have been getting progressively longer and I think the sun goes down on average around nine pm. Kind of weird to think it's started already, the midnight sun progression. I have been told that around Mid-April, kids are out in the middle of the night, because it's so bright. I'd believe it.

It's also been sort of quiet in regards to the NYHDP. We actually managed to get a team together that placed in 3rd for the George River Tourney! I was quite happy that they placed. Next year, they could aim higher. I hope that they do, because they are a good bunch of kids. They worked hard to get there and it also shows that the program does work. Most of the kids that played are there every day at school doing their best. So that's good to see it in action.

Example of hockey practice for some of them:

You can't *quite* see it, but one of them is smoking a cigarette and it made me lol a bit.

So yeah. I didn't get any pics of the festival because I was out, but I heard it was a pretty sweet place to be. I had my own Montreal adventures, but that will depend on the format of the blog later on.

Yeah, I've decided to mosey on to the Prairies come summer. It's been an interesting year, but when you gotta go home, you gotta go.

I will get more pics and more posts, but yeah...year's drawing to a close and all that.

So yeah...


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