So Uhm, Hey, how goes it? Denmark at the moment

I do apologize for the total lack of updates with this blog.

What happened was that I decided to not renew my contract in Northern Quebec due to many reasons, both professional and personal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time there and learned quite a bit. The problem is that I had moved on from the mindset needed to be there, so I decided to come back home to Edmonton and try to find work.

That was wishful thinking, since it seems that I am a gypsy whether I like it or not. I was called by the Maple Leaf International Schools for a job. They were impressed with my online resume and decided to offer me a job in China.

So I ended up going to Northern China. Liaoning province, to be exact. I work in a school outside of what is known as a 2-tier city (Beijing and Shanghai have the honour of being tier one cities. Basically, the difference between a capital and a smaller city) of Dalian. I live outside the city, in a small resort town called Jinshitan. It's beautiful and clean, by Chinese standards.

I work with the really low-level learners teaching them English using the Social studies and English frameworks to prep them for the hardest classes. Once I get my BC (It is a BC run school) certification, I will move on to the regular stream. Or teach the media literacy classes with the ESL department.

I'm explaining the background because I cannot update in China. Blogs that are on Blogspot and wordpress are blocked and the Great Firewall is also making sure that the VPNs (Virtual Proxy networks) Also are blocked due to the change in leadership in the Communist Party in this new decade.

I'm writing this from Copenhagen, where I have access to the sites that I don't get to see for most of the year. Seriously.

I've also been having a hell of a time in the city. I arrived here yesterday, after a gruelling flight schedule from Dalian, Beijing and Moscow. A long ass layover later, and here I was. I got lost coming here from the Noreport station. It hurt, that's all I have to say about that. I was carrying my pack all the way here and my shoulders were just aching.

It also goes to show that the first big sight that I found was the Cathedral. I will take pictures of the twelve apostles, because I cannot get over the fact that St. Jude had a fucking broadsword. How do you know you're in Scandinavia? When the saints look like they will fucking take your head off with their broadswirds if you don't fucking get your ass on the right faith path, like NOW!

I also hit up the Hans Christian Andersen museum. Which was whimsical and awesome and cute, just like the man. I couldn't go to Tivoli, because it was closed, but I did enter the Radhaus, which is the city hall of Copenhagen. It was finished in 1901 and it has all these cool dates and interiors. Although I didn't get why the fuck people decided to scratch graffiti into the stone there.

 This is me as proof that I was there. I was happy. Seriously. I just don't photograph joy well.

The actual place I was at.

This comes from the museum. These things have always fascinated me.

So this is a small taste of what I was doing here in Copenhagen. I hope to add more when I go to Sweden and then England next week. So I hope that this makes up for the long silence. Enjoy!


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