Keeping the Faith with St. George

It's more of a tongue in cheek commentary on what I'm doing at the moment. I also am fully aware that the St. George feast is tomorrow, but the title felt like something I couldn't pass up.

So how do I explain this...

I have been here for 8 months and looking forward to ending this year. I have another teaching certificate at hand (My third. I honestly feel like a Pokemon collector...Except with teaching licenses) I just renewed my BC one and I still have my QC and my shiny MB one.

I have a new reference and the knowledge that despite everything, I am doing a good job and that yes, I will be sorely missed come next year.

I'm doing the impossible, some would say, in teaching my Grade 12's Hamlet and they are killing it. I am impressed at how much attention and questions they are asking in regards to plot, history and characters. Thank you graphic novels for getting out the message. Much appreciated.

I'm saying it's hard keeping the faith when you witness stupidities and stubbornness on a daily basis. It's quite disenheartening to know that your efforts, no matter how good...Are just going to waste.

It seems pessimistic, but it is a known and understood fact here. Particularly when it comes to the staffing. We've run this place with a skeleton crew for most of the year. One class has gone through three teachers in this whole year. No one locally gives a damn. It's like everyone is wilfully blind to the consequences of their actions.

Just two more months until I can leave. Maybe even less than that. We have finals and the inputting of marks come the middle of June. Due to marking for the Grade 12 ELA test, I will be out the entire finals week. The year is drawing to a close and although I'm sure that I have done something...I feel like this year was not a shining moment in regards to stimulating minds. Especially since most of them didn't want to have their minds stimulated in the first place.

This is the reason why I seldom talk about my job nowadays because it is a grinding and punishing day in and day out. I'd rather think about summer and all the plans that I have in regards to next year, when I will be helping my mother fix up the house and get things sorted so that we can have a decent place and then I can go and try and apply for jobs nearer to home.

I'm undecided at the moment. But I do know that I'm done with the North at this time.

Only 52 more days and a full month until the Final exam.

Oh man. Wish us luck. We need it.


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