Ugh, I suck at updating this blog

I am going to be utterly honest in admitting that I had forgotten this blog up until now.

So flashforward from 2013-

After the last post, I moved from Liaoning to Chongqing. Which is in the middle of the Southwest and part of Sichuan province and culturally different than the North by a long shot.

See, most of the ones in the south are Han. In the North, they're more Russian and Man. The south is more formal and more invested in the culture,which is more rooted in a mountain inaccessibility than anything else. They consider the North outsiders and are fiercely proud of the spicy food and the Pandas, which are in Chengdu about three hours or so away.

The city is also heavily polluted and I think I saw the sun maybe two or three weeks out of the ENTIRE YEAR I was there. Chongqing is called "Fog City" for that specific reason. It is the largest inland port, since it sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River and the government of China controls the city directly. I honestly suspect that it is so that they can keep an eye out on Tibet, which is quite nearby.

Lhasa and Shangri-La do exist, but I have been told that they are just the average Chinese cities, which is a shame. But then, the Chinese are trying to suppress Tibetan nationalism, so I'm not surprised in the least that is the case.

So after finally reaching a saturation point with China and Asia as a whole (I did visit all the main citires in China-Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou) and getting in a bit of an Asian experience in Laos (Rode and elephant again. Rode down the Mekong in a boat, visited Luang Prabang and hung out in Vientiane and learned to deal with the tropical, almost smothering heat while I took in the sights) I went back home.

And am now living in Northern Manitoba, teaching Grades 9-12. I am the English department here and yes, I will be calling it an experience come June.

It has been a not so great experience in regards to policies, isolation (even much more so than in the other Northern communities I have been in) restrictions and the fact that I have to share my living accomodations. My roommate is actually a decent guy and he and I have been each other's rocks for the entire time we have been here. We both lucked out in that instance despite the fact that there have been some hard week's we've had to soldier on through here.

We've been sort of lucky in that we have had a bit of an extended break recently. Spring Break turned out to be two weeks instead of one and when we came back, the short week became even shorter due to the Snowfall warnings that made it impossible for the buses to drive into the school and deposit the students. The numbers of which have been going down due to the slow spring thaw that is on its way.

We have been told that is the case here, that as soon as it warms up, other things take precedence. Hunting season will start soon, so that will also contribute to those numbers going down as well.

So I have a four day week to look forward to. At the end of it, is my 36th birthday.

Things have changed since I last started this blog and that has been a part of it, I have more grey in my hair and hopefully some wisdom.

And that is my update. 


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