Why Proper Language and Common Courtesies ARE Important

I'll be quite honest. 

I hate supervision. I hate that it's a chunk of MY time spent trying to get kids who don't understand WHY certain rules are in place to listen and not to screwed up things. I DESPISE it with an unholy passion. Never have liked it EVER and I hate that we have to do it due to litigation and other issues. 

I understand why it's there. I just despise doing it. 

Especially when some colleagues don't pull their weight when it comes to doing it. 

Anyways, that is the catalyst for this post in regards to courtesy and language use. 

I will start out by saying this:

I like swearing. I usually try to come up with inventive ways to do so. I love how the words sound when I use them as modifiers and descriptors. When I use them to emphasize a point. When I get excited and they feel just right in saying them. 

Not anymore. 

I have heard the most disgusting things coming out of student's mouths at this school. I have heard the F-word used to much on a daily basis that I've become inured and disgusted by it. I am, in fact, replacing most of the swear words in my vocabulary with other things (Yeah, I blaspheme, but that must be some kind of Catholic leftover and to be honest, when we weigh the words together...Let's get real-saying "Fuck" carries more weight than "Jesus") and all this is because I simply do not want to be associated with the uncouth and uncivility that I am surrounded with everyday. 

It's disgusting that people's kids freak out when a teacher asks politely to follow the rules and not disrespect their OWN bloody school! I mean, this is a place that was built for their use. And they just treat it like it's garbage with the expectation that they deserve a new school whenever this one is destroyed as all out. 

I am simply done with the idea that swearing and saying things that I haven't even heard a hardened criminal say is perfectly fine. I suspect that I may not be the only one in saying that yes, swearing has its time and place. Swearing is a natural reaction to things. 

But to hear a constant barrage from teenagers over and over again simply because its just the way they speak and it's just how we are, is a piss-poor excuse to not make an effort to actually present themselves in a better light. I'm surrounded by people who can't/won't see that they are more or less becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy by acting this way. 

But lord help you if you even try to point this out. You will be accused of stifling their expression. 


As it is with most things in life, I learned this the hard way. Nothing like gaining experience through your own skin, as my mother would say.

I was in that mindset for a long time. Me against the world and you're doing me wrong. I can break all of these rules and I will make it through, because it's owed to me. 

I'll dress in hoodies and sloppy clothing because that's just me expressing myself and you can shove it. 

And all that mentality got me was disdain and people whom I could have been friends with already coming to a conclusion that I was not a person they could get to know because they certainly didn't know what to expect. Or worse, too volatile to be around in case I did something dangerous with dire consequences. Those that did stick around saw a positive change and those that encouraged my madness came and went as quickly as they had arrived.

What I learned, after I got it through my head was that I wasn't singled out to be screwed over. The world isn't coming after me for whatever reason. Life is unfair and I'd better stop whinging and carrying on and live. 

What I also learned was that I was holding myself back due to my vocabulary, my behaviour and my clothing choices. 

I'm a decent person. I'm a good person and a great friend. I'm always there to help my friends and I have a wicked sense of dry humour. I'm artistic and imaginative and I help people out when I am able. I respect people and do my best even when I think I'm done for. I have resilience and determination to move forward and even though sometimes I'm terrified, I still try.

I have a degree. I'm not stupid. I'm pretty damned decent in my field. I do good work. I have gotten proof of that a hundred times over.

Yet when I was sounding and looking like I was out on parole, no one could really see all the good qualities that I do have. What they saw was a resentful little twerp who was convinced that the world was the problem, rather than the attitude I was presenting to the world at large. 

As much as I hate to admit it, being courteous and having manners and dressing up has helped me to get farther in places than looking like a yobbo and sounding as if I can't read above a certain grade level. 

Despite what we like to tell people, we DO get judged by appearance. We do it to others and we also judge people by how they present themselves, how they speak and whether they have any manners at all. 

That is what i have learned and have tried to teach others. 

Even when it feels like my lessons are falling on barren ground sometimes.

And even when I end up feeling that minute of rage over people's nonchalance over the importance of courtesy or manners.

I still have to uphold my own standards.


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