Nearing this year and it's a welcome change in all this.

I haven't mentioned this place because it encompasses the worst of what working in the North *could* be. Rampant nepotism, backwards practices and apathy are abundant here. This is not a place that has any kind of bright future at all. 

Not in how things are going with the current administration. I'm not talking about my bosses either. I'm talking about the community and the board and the local government. I was told that you take your chances when it comes to band run schools on reserves. The coin landed on the wrong place here. We have been working in a school that has been understaffed for the whole year. We have had three different teachers for grade eight, because the students are that horrible. 

I teach in the classroom next door and I have heard less profanity and destruction in a junkyard than in that classroom. We have students in grade 11 who are reading at a grade 3 or 4 level. Supplies are in poor quality and there is simply no money to buy new things that are needed, like levelled readers and novels in the curriculum.

I found copies of Tess D'Ubervilles that are older than I am in the book cupboard and the library has about three bookcases full of novels that are actually brand new because no one reads them. I think I am the first person to crack "O Pioneers" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" from there.  

Yet they are given about 640 MILLION to better the school, to better the community. 

Yet the school looks older than its 10 years, the custodial stuff doesn't have enough supplies to keep this place as clean as it needs to be. We have no toilet paper in the bathroom...Which looks worse than bathrooms I've encountered in Southeast Asia. Everything is destroyed and there's no money to repair it. 

The teacherages are in the middle of the dump. I have to worry about bears coming out of the woods. I can't go for a walk because of the bears or just in case I am a victim of a hit and run. I have to worry that someone might attack me due to me telling them to leave my class or because they didn't pass the course. 

I've stopped two fights that happened inside my class. I keep my door locked so that people do not come in and take each other out. Violence is a thing that happens here frequently. I've seen kids THROW things at the administration.

Before you question why these things aren't stopped it is because the schoolboard refuses to work with us. We kick kids out that are disruptions and dangerous, yet we are forced to let them back in due to family connections and a simple desire for parents to not have their own kids around anymore than they had to. 

They want their kids to stay in school, but they just come to hang out with their friends. It's not a place of learning. It's just a social club for many of them.

They won't get proper credits, because they can't function at a high enough level to do actual grade 9-12 work. This is the reality. They are teaching ancient methods and we can't implement change simply because we are blocked and blamed for their shortcomings. 

I had students come in and do nothing. I have walkouts so frequently that I keep a book open on my desk so I can note all of them as proof of them leaving when they try to come back into my class. I've been successful that our administrators (Principal and Vice Principal)have backed us up.

But they aren't staying and neither are most of us. They don't want us to integrate here and they don't even give us reasons to want to stay. I earn only twelve thousand more than I did in China, yet I am spending more, since there are no roads to send stuff here. I don't get Isolation Pay or Northern Allowance, which would ease the burden. I am sharing a house with an awesome roommate. 

I got lucky, since I have heard more horror stories from other coworkers about theirs. Apart from being annoyed that he doesn't believe in mopping the floors on a regular basis and not putting dishes away, he's been awesome. 

So this is a picture of what I am facing. I have 51 Days left here. I have to make sure that the grade 12's are not going to bomb the final exam horribly. I'm getting my stuff together to ship out and getting my affairs in order. 

I'm done with a place that actively blocks any improvements and any help that can be given. I am done with trying to make things better only for my efforts to be thrown back into my face. We have gotten called racist so often it's a joke now. 

So no. I'm done with this crap and I will be looking forward to seeing the Government control the education. They can't screw it up anymore than what I have seen being done here.

They are doing more damage to their own children than what was done to them in the past and at a lesser pace.

Yet people will jump out of the woodwork to defend these practices. People that have not been there and will use the old excuses about mismanagement and past wrongs. I won't deny that they have happened. But there has been time enough to fix them and people from worse backgrounds can succeed. 

So it's not the circumstance, but the strength of a person.

That's all I have to say.

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