So first month in the bag

So Waskaganish is quite different than Oxford House in that the place is more or less kept up to look decent. I called it the suburbs of the north and the impression still stands until I see some of the other places in the Northwest. But so far, it is a nice and good place. Loads better than other places. But I guess that the negotiations were better handled and this is the result.

The school is run efficiently and yes, I do have a hard workload (I am on my feet all day and when I get home, I want to crash) but there is a purpose to my work that I didn't have the year before. I was spinning my wheels and I hated a whole lot of it, because it felt like I was whittling away time before I could really do something.

My classes are tough, but it's not something that I haven't seen before and I have been getting loads of support from the co-workers and admin. They are invested in trying to help kids that are trying to better themselves and the ones that have academic issues as well. We are trying with them and even when it feels like it is for nothing, we get surprises.

The facilities are amazing and there is a big hockey culture here. Their arena puts the Fourers to shame. There is also a gym that I am actually pretty stoked about. I have been going there now for spin classes and just to use the treadmill to start actually running, since I've been going about it for ages. It's not my favourite, but I have found that I am good at it and I can blow off steam doing that than just sitting around derping all over the place.

The one thing that does bother me is that I have to pay super high internet prices, since we can't get home stuff due to the area having reached their internet limit. We have no word on when (if ever) it will right itself, so we are screwed until that comes into effect. I have been using my phone network (Bell must love me by now) so that's what I'm paying through the nose for.

My paperwork still hasn't been finalized, so I'm not sure where I am on the grid. But we'll see. I have to renew my permit come February/early March, so I'm working towards that.

Right now, to be honest, I'm looking forward to the Symposium that will take place in October. I hope to learn new things and I am impressed that the schoolboard is willing to make these kinds of training available to us. It shows initiative and that is heartening.

So that's my month update. 


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