Je Suis Paris

I usually write about work here. Or how the place that I have settled in is like.

But recently, it has been very difficult to get through work. We aren't aware of what is happening outside of our classrooms. We only know what we see and because there is usually a culture of silence, we are the last to know things that should have been given to us from the start.

Novemeber has traditionally been a hard month to deal with, due to the snow/ no snow and the days getting shorter. Despite what we want to believe, these affect everyone. I'm basically just picking up my shield and my sword and facing the battle every day that I can.

But I don't want to talk about that. Not when Paris, Baghdad and Beirut got nailed by terrorists.

This is the second time Paris has been targeted. I can't even BEGIN to count how many times Lebanon and Baghdad have been hit.

How many people lost their lives. How many people will now be terrorized because of a knee jerk reaction to the droves of refugees escaping THIS EXACT THING.

And the worst thing is that we started to retaliate and thus giving these so called rebels and martyrs fuel for their sick war against everyone who opposes them.

It's not about religion anymore. It's power and it's sheer madness.

And so many innocents will pay for this.

I started to write about this because I noticed so many people at first rushed to put the tricoleur filter on their FB pages once it was available. Then stripped it right off when people pointed out how Beirut and Baghdad got nailed and basically posted the equivalent of an enlightened asshole reply when asked why.

As if pain and grief and death count more in one place or another.

As if compassion is finite and we simply have run out for those other places.

As if because it happens there all the time and Paris is special, therefore we will minimize the horror of Paris to even the playing field.


It is ALWAYS horrific when this happens EVERYWHERE! No person's single death is more valid than another.

Just because some people choose to acknowledge Paris, something they know, something they can relate to, doesn't mean that they don't know the other places and what pain they have gone through.  It doesn't mean that they don't care or have the compassion. It isn't quantifiable, having compassion for people.

There's nothing wrong with that.

And I know that I will get asked why I still have the filter on my FB profile pic and why I'm still reblogging and posting and talking about Paris.

It is because Paris is a symbol.

Paris gave us Egalite, Fraternite, et Equalite. It gave us Englightenment, Literature, Fashion and Hope. It gave us dreams. It gave us the chance to have someone like Alexandre Dumas be on equal footing with aristocracy because of his immortal tales.

It gave us Zinedine Zidane, the son of an Algerian nightwatchman that became a football legend.

It gave us ideals and hopes and light in a world that sorely needed it.

It gives people that are coming from war-torn countries who NEVER FEEL SAFE, a chance to have that themselves.

And now, with Paris being hit twice by that exact horror that people were fleeing from, that light has dimmed. That hope is a bit tarnished. That dream is starting to fade.

We can let all of that go. We can't let it be destroyed and made ugly and horrible by some madmen who attack to make us be like this. To make us hard and bitter and afraid to the point that we will retaliate and continue this cycle over and over again until there's nothing left.

Paris, you weren't my favourite city, but when I was there, I could understand a fraction of what made you great.

And that greatness is worth saving. Worth protecting and conserving.

That is why Je Suis Paris and why that filter will stay on there until I decide when it is time to stop grieving for the peace of this beautiful city and all who live there.

I'm out.


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