Brazil in the School: BRAZIL IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL FACT SHEETS: Written for children in Key Stage 2 by teachers Paula Richardson and Tudor Jenkins. The resources consist of 10 factsheets, 26 activity...

See, I'm trying to diversify the geography that is being taught to the grade sevens because let's be honest, most people haven't a clue were most countries in the world outside of North America are located. Not to mention that people tend to think that Latin America is basically Mexicans spread out thinly until we reach Antarctica or something.

So to curb the ignorance, I've been teaching them about different countries in the world. I've been basically making them learn about Argentina, Chile, and now Brazil for the past couple of months. I only see them a few days a week, so I have the luxury of doing this.

So I found this blogpost and raided it completely. I'll be using this probably for the next three months (No word of a lie. I stretched a 36 slide ppt for three months WITH activities) I will teach them about all the big South American countries this year. After this, I can combine Colombia and Venezuela.

I'd rather they get a taste and know of a world out there than just be fixated on the little backwaters that they live in.

It reminds me of something that I heard about the Inuit and the Cree that share the area that is known by four names: Great Whale, Kujjuarapik, Whapmagoosti and I forget the other one. The Inuit told me that they can do this due to the Inuit being able to look out to the sea and the Cree look in to the land.

It makes sense, now that I think about it.

But anyways, I want them to see more of the world and this is one way to start, so thanks person who put up this blog.


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