Autumn 2016

It has been a long time since I posted to this blog, since it is usually about my working life that I write about here. My fun blogs are elsewhere, as well as the ones that focus on my writing.

I am not currently working due to having to come home and help out with the family. It was a request that was made by my mother and brother, so I came home. I also found that I had to take my leave of the North for the time being to get some sort of perspective on my life and my career path.

I enjoy teaching greatly, but I think that it might be time to move onto something else. I enjoy being in the classroom, but with the challenges I have seen in my ten years of teaching, I think that it is time to get that M.Ed. in either curriculum or counselling.

Half of my job ends up being some sort of counselling and I have found that it is something that is needed more than curriculum and teaching other skills. I have had to act as a sounding board and a counsellor/mentor more than usual due to where I have taught and I think that my skills would be better served in that field.

Another reason why I have been thinking about this is due to knowing that more of my former students have committed suicide. I got news of the last one while I was in Northern Quebec and it made me think about going into the field of mental health and the need for this with students in the north. Seeing it close to me has made me revaluate what I want to do and where I want to do this.

I have plenty of time to think about it for the moment, since I don't know exactly how much longer I'll be needed at home.

The time off has been both wonderful and also a bit heavy, oddly enough. Death has visited a bit more often than I would have liked. My great uncle and a former friend that I cared deeply about in years past. Someone that I never believed would have died so young and so unexpectedly. It was something that took me quite unawares and took me awhile to come back from.

It also made me actually take action on things that I had let slip for a long time. I have finally managed to finish editing and self-publish a novel that I had been working on. It's quite adult and a mixture of a bildungsroman but in the adult sense, but I am quite proud of finally finishing this retelling of a fairy tale that I have been haunted by since I was in fourth grade and read it in an old and musty book from the elementary library.

I have also gotten closer with my family and have been serving as a mentor for someone that has been in need of help. Yet another reason for my rethinking and musing about entering this field. It was quite a surprise to me, but I learn as much as I have been learning from my protege. Other people and places from my past have come back to also add to the lessons that I have been teaching and learning. It's not bad. It's just quite different.


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