Teaching Assignments

I've mostly kept this hidden from a lot of people in regards to what I'm going to do next because even though I have signed the contracts, done the paperwork and have been in touch with my bosses, I'm still wary of saying it to many people. So I ended up getting a position in Malaysia in a brand new international school. It's so new that it's being built as we speak and should be ready when we start in January.

I know that most of this blog was written when I was working with the Inuit community and slacked off a bit when I was in China and in MB and back in QC again. I was a bit too immersed in other things to actually blog about my experiences there. Mostly because China was the closest to a normal school experience that I had and since I was immersed in a different culture and in a second world country, I didn't have the impulse to sit down and examine everything I did in the classroom, to be honest.

I also travelled abroad more when I was there. I got my taste of the Nordic countries, England, Spain, Germany, Netherlands,and Belgium. It was more action and less reflection. MB was more work, but I was also more invested in building a good relationship with my colleagues and writing, so that again left very little time to again, contemplate what I was doing at work.

It was also a very claustrophic type of situation, due to geography and the cultural aspect of where we were. It was also a bit hard due to it being my colleagues first ride at that rodeo and we relied a whole lot on each other.

QC was different because it was even more challenging and the internet (lack of) was a major factor for not giving as much updates. They were bland and generic and I can honestly say that it was that place that made me realise that I'm done with that kind of work and I'd much rather work overseas, suck it up with the homesickness than deal with that again. I could have maybe done it maybe ten years ago if I had been able to build a foundation of my own in regards to being part of the community and built a family there. But now, I'm done trying to do that, so I gotta go.

I just got my teaching assignments and I'm prepping for them now. Biology and Science I can do, but maths isn't the one that I feel gung ho about. I'll suck it up and look up resources for it. It's a small school and we all gotta put up or shut up if it's going to work. I faked my way through teaching sciences and I can do it again because I understand it fairly well. It's maths that I know I'm super weak at and that's why I asked if I could do something else. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

I contacted everyone in regards to this and hopefully a solution can be found that doesn't require me pulling a Mr. D and teaching myself maths before I actually teach the lesson myself. At least I know a colleague that can help out with that.

I feel a bit better after talking to my new bosses and supervisors. The issue will be resolved during this week and I'm kind of relieved that I brought this up now rather than stew over it.

I have basically spent five hours working on this new school and looking up books and lab equipment and curricula. I have seen what Johor can offer and I am a bit nervous in regards to this new place that I'll be travelling to in two months. Crazy how that will work out.

So my next blog entry will probably be about gathering materials and getting ready to travel over to Malaysia. On the move soon, I guess.


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