Term Two is looming

So I have been a bit lax in updating this blog mostly because Malaysia is a bloody trip and I have been that busy. Between attempting Science, working through IB Geography and a workshop (I am now qualified to teach IB Geography. Booyah!) and the occasional personal fuckery, it's been a mad ride.

I also did find that I could go to Singapore without much hassle, so I spend at least one full day there during the month. It's the West that I miss and I get it there. I'm quite thrilled to have that escape whenever the East just gets to me and my instinct is to run.

So I teach the Ontario curriculum and I have luckily taught this before, so it's not as bad. Geography is one that I have to do loads of reading in, but I can teach it since I have been around the discipline for years. It's just the workload that I have to navigate, as well as trying to teach Maths after finally making a truce with the subject. It's not my field and I am not as strong in it as I should, but I have enough wherewithal to know when to ask for help and when to let the students themselves take the lead.

I like my students and they are, as always, fascinating and make my job quite amusing. As always, it seems to work out. They are quite interesting and I learn a whole lot from them by listening and asking them many questions, since I haven't really known much about Malaysia before I had gotten there.

The prevalence of Islam is one that is a bit odd to me, since I have mostly lived in either Christian or Atheist settings. It's something that I need to get used to. And the stares. Jesus, the stares. I get mistaken for an ethnic group and I guess I scandalise people with my loose workout shorts and the tattoos. I also am a bit of a rebel because I wear sleevess shirts and people can see my shoulders. Ok then.

This semester is going to be changing in that I will not have to teach Maths, I will also teach them Scinece three times a week and I will switch Grade 8 Science to Grade 8 Socials. I am pleased that I won't have as much of a workload and I'll get another subject that I adore within it.

So that's it for the time, because I tend to get wrapped up in other things and I tend to forget to get straight into my teaching stuff.

So that's it for the time being.


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