And I'm totally behind in this blog again. Let me update!

So I honestly can't recall what I have mentioned in regards to my teaching positions or my responsibilities.

So a refresher is in order:

I am currently in year 2 of my tenure in Malaysia. No, I don't want to give the name just for privacy and safety reasons. Let's just say that I live in Southern Malaysia.

My duties shifted this year, with me taking over the IB History year 2, IB Environmental Systems and Societies, Geography year 2, and Socials 9 and 10 and the odd man out, Biology 10.

I've been mostly concerned with keeping my nose buried in research, because the Socials and the History and Biology are in need of overhaul. I didn't like how Biology was laid out, so I am trying new modules and new ways of teaching it.

Socials and History was a horrorshow, to be honest. An entire year wasted on WWII without context and since history is SO interconnected, I decided to teach from the revolutions until 1900. It's going to be a challenge, but it honestly keeps me busy and I need to build up the experience since IB is a different ballgame that can be both rewarding and a crazy challenge in itself.

Most of the research is due to the topics that I honestly haven't taught in a loooong time. My capacity has been for English and EFL education for at least four years. So this is a switch. It's a good thing that I am constantly reading history in my own time and talking it over with friends and family. I can cover most studied time periods and I honestly thank God every day for having a teacher like Mr. Luciw for grade 11 and grade 12 Social Studies. He basically taught me all I know in regards to presenting lessons and lectures and getting ready before teaching classes.

It's a short one, but I am honestly falling asleep here. We just had a week's worth of holidays for Chinese New Year Festivities.  Back to the grind tomorrow.


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