End of 3rd Semester, One nearly down, a few more to go.

I've been kind of caught up in real life and keeping my head above water in regards to updating this blog. 

I honestly recalled that yes, I do have a blog when another friend casually mentioned starting up a goat blog. 

I have actually acquired new friends who have farms, which is kind of funny, since I am not the most country person ever. In fact, the idea of me being from the Prairie provinces is a bit of a laugh and shock at the people that know me. 

Anyways, the update is going to be in point form due to the fact that I will ramble on otherwise. 

  • IB is a hell of a lot more taxing than I had anticipated, having three courses in the same group helps, but it has been hella taxing. I'm constantly having to be on and on the lookout for articles, sources, and powerpoints to teach my lessons. I feel like everything has to be related to my job and it is mentally taxing as well. 
  • I also have a lone science class in pre-IB biology that I am honestly too tired and too unfocused to really teach like it should be. I am NOT a science teacher. Never said I was a science person and had only gotten science classes due to being the last body that came in when I was in Northern Quebec.  Yet due to infighting and bullshit, I was stuck with a course I honestly have not had time to fully devote to. 
  • The good news in regards to that is that I am losing it to another actual science teacher and I am honestly quite pleased with that outcome. I also get two of my lost prep times back and I can prepare more for the other courses than I had before. 
  • Then before I filled the role, I had a knock down drag out fight with the previous teacher as well as my boss over really stupid shit that I don't even want to touch. Namely because unlike them, I do have an ounce of professionalism. 
  • I have been finding that my job has become less about teaching and more about politics and faulty policies. I don't really have as much will to continue as I used to in the beginning. 
  • I am debating quite strongly my future here, to be quite honest. 
  • Namely in regards to how I feel about the country itself, my wages, and old insecurities coming to play. 
  • I have been in the game long enough to accept that things are just going to be like this until I finally bow out. The traditional school setting, as well as homelife is not in the cards for me and even though this place is comfortable, I hate being near the equator. I hate missing my family and my friends and my culture. This is the fourth Asian country I've lived in and you can't say I've not given it a fair go of it. 
  • I'm tired and I want to go home and hopefully permanently this time. 


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